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Corporate Sustainability Initiatives

StrandVision helps organizations promote environmental sustainability to their employees, members and customers.

Many of your customers are interested, or are actually implementing, environmental sustainability programs for their employees, members and guests. They’re developing policies and deploying recycling bins, eliminating harmful chemicals from their cleaning and landscaping operations and upgrading lighting and equipment to increase energy efficiency.

Many of these things are capital investments by management, but ultimately, successful sustainability programs require the "buy-in" of employees, members and guests. This buy-in can only come from comprehensive communications programs that inform, educate and motivate people. Traditional communications media, such as newsletters and flyers, consume paper and actually harm the environment. Digital signage, on the other hand, is a highly efficient and effective method that demonstrates an organization’s commitment to environmental stewardship.

It’s true that organizations will still have to rely on some paper communications but digital signage belongs at the center of any sustainability campaign. In addition to the messaging that you’d expect to see – promotional, and factual pages and presentations – digital signage, with its easily updated and integrated content, can go much further. For instance, energy usage statistics can be frequently updated by the administrator or, better yet, automatically updated directly from a Building Automation System (BAS) so that the signage can present up-to-the-minute consumption statistics.

Various division or department stats can also be posted to encourage conservation or even competitions. Employee contests, using digital signage and their mobile devices, can encourage participation and enthusiasm that could never be accomplished with old, non-interactive media.

So, if your customers have or are embarking on a sustainability program, talk to them about how StrandVision Digital Signage can fit into their overall communications campaign.

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