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Linux Player is Optimized for StrandVision Digital Signage Playback

StrandVision's pre-configured Linux digital signage player can operate in connected or standalone mode and is fully optimized for graphics and can be mounted on the back of a screen.

StrandVision offers everything for your digital signage network from software to hardare to installation. We also will work with you support the installation and maintenance of your entire digital signage system whether you get the equipment from us or not. That said, there are benefitis to allowing us to provide screens, players and distribution hardware that are known to work together.

Our R370 Linux media player not only makes your signage network easier to install and manage, but also has many other benefit. The digital media player is a pre-configured Linux-based digital signage player appliance that is optimized to play your StrandVision Digital Signage content. The graphics-optimized unit is able to operate independently while automatically receiving content updates over the Internet. The Linux digital signage player is the best playback option for StrandVision customers since the server cloud automatically maintains and manages the system to keep it running reliably 24x7.

linux digital signage playerThe digital signage player supports HD Graphics to multiple screens via the built-in HDMI and displayport video outputs and is pre-configured by StrandVision for optimal performance and stability for years of service.

StrandVision installs and configures the software before it is shipped. It's closely integrated into StrandVision's cloud services so customers don't have to worry about the initial configuration, ongoing maintenance, operating system versions or security. The small size and optional mounting bracket allow the unit to be hidden behind the display for an uncluttered installation.

The StrandVision Linux Player includes a subset of the full digital signage playback software application that runs on StrandVision's servers in the cloud. The Player includes its own database and Apache Web server so everything is self contained. The included Adobe Flash player only has to connect to itself for digital signage content (no network traffic), with StrandVision's production servers in the cloud acting as backup and sending content changes as needed. Since it is a self contained device, 15 minute limitations on some of the page types like the web page capture are removed allowing up to the minute information updates.

The Linux digital signage appliance uses patented technology to poll the server cloud every minute to receive updates to digital signage content and send status and usage activity information. If the cloud cannot be reached, the Linux appliance continues to play the full content loop and handles random and scheduled content properly. As a result, periodic breaks in Internet service of even up to a few hours are seldom noticeable. This makes it an excellent choice for mobile digital signage systems such as busses or taxis. If the StrandVision cloud servers detect that a Linux appliance has stopped communicating with the server cloud for an hour, the system automatically sends an email alert to the customer's technical contacts who are assigned to that particular location.

An additional benefit is that StrandVision's cloud servers also have a lot more capability to solve issues automatically with the Linux players since the hardware and entire operating system is consistent and customized to operate within StrandVision's cloud. The configuration also offers enhanced security and stability.

Additional information on the StrandVision Digital Signage Linux Player is available at:

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