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"Reading Speed" setting adds flexibility

You can control the display time for all text slides from a single setting and adjust individual slides to your needs

StrandVision has many features to make your life easier. One is the automatic reading speed setting for your digital signage. The default setting is set to the college level reading speed of 250 words per minute (wpm), a word being a five-letter grouping.

In addition to this global setting that impacts every digital signage content page, you can also adjust your digital signage slides to meet your specific situation and even fine-tune each text slide. For instance, a single setting in the StrandVision Digital Signage account in an elementary school can be set so that young children have the time they need to read the screen. Alternatively, a StrandVision digital sign in a subway station may be set to a faster reading speed to match the faster pace of that environment.

Here’s how to adjust your signage:

  • Log into your account

To Adjust ALL of Your Slides:

  • Select Your Account, Preferences form the menu
  • Make sure you are set to the Intermediate or higher user mode.
  • Find the "Reading Speed" selection (about halfway down)
  • Select the desired reading speed. This is a Global setting that will change the speed for all Text slides in both horizontal and veritical frames. It is an easy and quick way to control the reading speed of your entire slide deck - even new slides that you add after making this global setting will be automatically set up to display at the desired speed.
  • If you have multiple playback locations, each can have a different reading speed with the same basic slide deck installed.
  • To see a brief video of several preference options, click here.

Adjusting Individual Slides:

Although the Preference "Reading Speed" setting will be great for all of your slides, you still have the capability to fine tune individual slides. To do that:

  • Select "Modify Signage".
  • Select the slide that you want to adjust.
  • Enter a duration to have the page display. If there is a "Scrolling Speed" selection near the bottom of the selections, you can increase or decrease the speed from the system setting.
  • If you select the speed of "5-Medium", the slide will display at the reading speed you selected in the Preferences section.
  • You can adjust the "Scrolling Speed" from "1 - Very Slow" all the way up to "9 - Very Fast." These adjustments are relative to the global "Reading Speed" you selected under Preferences. The further away you move from "5 - Medium," the more the change.
  • The best way to test the scroll speed is to Save the slide that you are working on and Preview it to make sure that the speed is right for you.
  • To see more on the modify pages area, click here.

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