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Take Advantage of Economic Growth through Business Marketing

By Mike Strand, StrandVision Digital Signage

As we all know, communication to visitors and employees is critical during good times and bad. After years of economic turmoil around the world, it seems that growth is continuing. Digital Signage can help you leverage this to your advantage by concentrating on proactive business marketing to enhance your profits with both employee communication and reminding your visitors of the great products and services that you offer.

Unfortunately, the economy of the past years has created a working environment where there are fewer people doing the work resulting in too much to do in too little time. Communication for many of us has often been reactive rather than proactive. Businesses seem to be loosening the purse strings a little to increase staffing and budgets so there is an easier opportunity to go beyond the normal reactive to a proactive communication strategy. As we all know, successful communication eventually concludes with a customer decision in one form or another. For most of us, that decision is a purchase. Each of our businesses rely on communication from beginning to end to reach that successful conclusion. Digital signage is an amazing business communication method to make that happen since can be updated immediately to share our successes and lessons while offering the regular reminders that are needed to reinforce the company objectives and goals pertinent to each viewer of the signage.

In addition to the many new communication mediums have emerged over the last few years, remember to incorporate the older methods are still important and some of the more hands-on approaches have even become more effective in today’s environment.

Memberships and community involvement: For locally-oriented businesses, Chambers of Commerce, business associations and country clubs are foundations social marketing. Participation in local tradeshows can also be a worthwhile investment. Certainly your customers’ business associations present the opportunity for you to meet prospects with similar needs. It makes sense in good times and bad to keep up your memberships and actively participate in face-to-face meetings and social events - especially when you have more time during slower sales periods.

Direct mail and telemarketing: Direct mail and telemarketing have largely been supplanted by e-mail and social media, but they still have their place for non-technical prospects and when sending a gift or an eye-catching mailer.

Web sites: Of course, your Web site is a prime marketing tool. It presents a comprehensive overview of your product and service offerings. Your site should be attractive, accurate and, most of all, work reliably – after all, it reflects your business culture and commitment to quality. The site should be updated frequently with news and promotions to keep it fresh. In order to fully maximize your site’s effectiveness (presentability, content, flow and Search Engine Optimization [SEO]), it may make sense to hire a professional graphic designer and copy writer.

Customer testimonials: Testimonials are powerful since they are usually from people who are not paid to provide the feedback. They can be featured on your Web site and used in the sales process to demonstrate how you have already solved the types of problems that your prospects may be experiencing. Testimonials prove the value of your products and services to similar customer demographics.

Public relations: This generally refers to press releases and announcements, but there are also opportunities for business marketing articles that you write on pertinent topics and issues to demonstrate your expertise. Perhaps your local newspaper or an association newsletter is interested in starting a technology or troubleshooting advice column – you can become the resident expert with regular coverage. Every press release and article gives you greater exposure, increases calls and links to your Web site and provides sales tools that demonstrate your expertise giving you a competitive advantage.

Email campaigns: As mentioned above, email campaigns have all but replaced direct mail. The challenge is to break through all of the unsolicited mail that people receive in their inboxes. It starts with innovative ways to generate an email subscriber list. A contest, offering a free evaluation or interesting white paper can be helpful. To get people reading your emails, create a compelling headline (that won’t trip a spam filter) and concise, well-written copy. As with any MarCom piece, it should have a clear call to action that is easy for recipients to understand and respond to. There are services to help with these campaigns. Constant Contact (, for instance, can handle the distribution and reporting for you and can help you design your campaigns.

Social media: This is an entire topic of its own. For a discussion on social media, see my article.

Surveys, contests and giveaways: This is great way to get peoples’ attention. They can give you valuable contact information and some insight into prospects' interests. The key is to have a compelling offer that is easy to fulfill and doesn't require a large time investment. At StrandVision Digital Signage, we held a free digital signage drawing for a full digital signage system (1 year subscription, computer and display). We increased our prospect list by over 10% in a single month. We even gave incentives to our current customers to offer referrals.

Digital signage: Speaking of digital signage, and given StrandVision's commitment to the technology, you can also use digital signage to promote your company, products and services. You can set up a display in your office lobby, at the local Chamber of Commerce or even a public venue, such as a shopping mall. You can take the digital sign to business expos to showcase your offerings. You can also insert an electronic signage frame on your Web site to keep it fresh all the time. Everyone is eligible for a free digital signage subscription for 30 days and it is inexpensive to continue the initial communication content you initially created..

There are many other business marketing MarCom tools at you disposal. All you have to do is explore the possibilities and select the ones that are most relevant to your business model and market.

Mike Strand is founder and CEO of StrandVision LLC, an Internet-based subscription digital signage service that is distributed through resellers. Previously, Mike founded StrandWare, a leading bar code software and AIDC company. Prospective resellers may contact Mike at mjstrandweb at

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