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Revolutionizing News Display With StrandVision

In the ever-evolving landscape of news consumption, traditional methods are being augmented by innovative digital solutions. Among these, digital signage emerges as a powerful news display service, especially when coupled with platforms like StrandVision Digital Signage, revolutionizing the way news is delivered and displayed to audiences in various settings or on their mobile phones.

The Evolution of News Display

Transition from Static to Dynamic

Gone are the days of static newspaper boards or cable news loops. Digital signage systems like StrandVision offers a dynamic, visually compelling platform to automatically disseminate breaking news combined with your other marketing messages. This allows for real-time updates and engaging content delivery while ensuring content is appropriate with profanity filters.

Contextual Relevance and Accessibility

Digital signage services like StrandVision paired with various news organization content allows for automatic delivery of relevant news to audiences in diverse locations, be it corporate offices, educational institutions, retail spaces, public areas or visitors to your web site.

Understanding StrandVision and Digital Signage

StrandVision's Role in News Display

StrandVision stands as a leading provider of digital signage solutions, offering a versatile platform for content management and distribution. With a cloud-based system, it enables seamless dissemination of news, weather and custom content across multiple screens and locations.

Customization and Targeted News Delivery

The StrandVision platform allows you to decide which news information you would like to share with your viewers in each location allowing tailored news content delivery. Whether it's breaking news, industry updates, or local happenings, StrandVision easily facilitates targeted dissemination or broadcast to all your viewers.

Benefits and Features

Real-Time News Updates

StrandVision's automatic integration with RSS news feeds ensures consistent updates providing access to breaking news and real-time updates, providing audiences with the latest information in between your normal marketing messages.

Enhanced Engagement and Attention

Dynamic elements from news, weather, training and entertainment content along with photos, text and videos within digital signage amplify audience engagement and keep them watching for more. StrandVision makes it easy to enhance the viewer experience with just a few clicks of a mouse.

Centralized Control and Management

The cloud-based nature of StrandVision Digital Signage allows for centralized control and management of all digital media content from anywhere, ensuring efficiency in updates and content distribution.

Implementation and Best Practices

Identifying News Display Points

Pinpointing high-traffic physical or electronic locations helps the news display service be the most effective. Areas like lobbies, elevators, waiting rooms, or common spaces are ideal for engaging physical audiences with news content. Identifiying electronic locations is done by surveying potential viewers to determine which web sites and social media they regularly visit.

Content Relevance and Diversity

Curate a mix of news content to cater to diverse interests. Incorporate local news, global updates, industry-specific information, and other relevant content to captivate audiences. Sometimes it is even worth offering news about hobbies or events if many viewers identify with it.

Integration with Existing Systems

StrandVision Digital Signage offers many connections to various news and other content for seamless and automatic integration with your complete digital infrastructure which maximizes the potential of news display within the organization.


The convergence of StrandVision Digital Signage and news display content presents a paradigm shift in digital signage content offering a dynamic and engaging way to deliver news content to diverse audiences. The ability to provide real-time updates with targeted delivery ensures an enriched news-viewing experience.

As technology continues to evolve, the built in integration capabilities of StrandVision Digital Signage will likely redefine the way news is consumed, creating a more personalized, engaging, and contextually relevant experience for audiences across various sectors and settings.

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