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Women lead Indian families as men migrate

India's traditionally patriarchal society is seeing a rising number of women heading families.

A Desperate Act Reveals the Dwindling Room for Dissent in India

Their protest dispersed, female wrestlers who have accused a powerful official of sexual harassment went to the Ganges intending to throw away their Olympic medals.

GaaSyy: Japan YouTuber arrested over celebrity threats

Yoshikazu Higashitani, aka GaaSyy, returns to Japan months after Tokyo police issued his arrest warrant.

Kathleen Folbigg: Woman jailed over infant deaths pardoned

A recent inquiry heard fresh evidence that Kathleen Folbigg did not kill her four children.

Beijing's comedy crackdown is hitting its music scene

The crackdown on stand-up comedy unleashed by a joke is now hurting Beijing's vibrant live music scene.

At Least 50 Feared Dead in Train Crash in Indian State of Odisha

Hundreds more were injured in the crash, which Indian news reports said occurred after at least 10 train cars derailed.

Modi Arrives at Scene of Deadly Train Crash in Odisha, India

The disaster, which officials said had involved three trains, had a stark toll even given India’s history of deadly crashes.

Odisha train accident: Indian Railways seek police probe into crash

The railway minister announced the decision but did not give more details.

India’s Train Crash: What We Know

After decades when deadly accidents were frequent, train travel in India has grown far safer in recent years, with government investing heavily in the vast rail network.

A Look at Some of the Deadliest Rail Crashes in India’s Recent History

Friday’s crash is remarkable even in a country with a long history of train deaths.

India Vows Punishment for Those Responsible for Deadly Train Crash

Officials suggested human error, even sabotage, could have led to the crash that killed 275, as crews raced to restore service and families struggled to reach the site to identify loved ones.

India Funds New Trains Ahead of Safety Improvements, Analysts Say

Train travel in the country has gotten much safer, Friday’s disaster notwithstanding, but the government still puts high-profile projects ahead of basic safety improvements, analysts say.

Hong Kong Remembered June 4 Tiananmen Massacre, Until It Couldn’t

With candlelight vigils to the victims of the 1989 crushed student uprising in Beijing now only a memory, the anniversary is also a reminder of the freedoms Hong Kong has lost.

India train disaster: Relatives in desperate search for missing loved ones

Relatives of the victims of the India train crash tell of their struggle to locate loved ones.

U.S. Warns China on Nuclear Rivalry and Vows to Keep Patrolling Region

Speeches by two top officials illustrated the depth of concern over the rift between the nations. China called it provocation.

Kashmir battles alarming drug addiction crisis

Experts say drug abuse is devastating the lives of young people in the conflict-hit region.

U.S. Will Try to Bring China Into Arms Control Talks

The nuclear order established during the Cold War is under more stress than at any point since 1962, but efforts to negotiate with Beijing are unlikely to succeed anytime soon.

War with US would be 'unbearable disaster', says China

At a defence summit, China said it was open to dialogue as tensions rise between the two superpowers.

Japan to consider allowing tattooed youths to join SDF

The government will consider allowing tattooed youths to join the Japan Self-Defense Forces if they are otherwise qualified, as the SDF faces a chronic personnel shortage amid the…

13% of students in Japan prone to depression due to pandemic: study

Thirteen percent of elementary to high school students in Japan had depressive tendencies warranting medical attention last October due to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, a recent…

China and U.S. Offer Rival Visions for Asia

China’s defense minister says the best way to avoid accidental conflict is for countries outside the region, like the United States, to leave and “mind your own business.”

Li Shangfu: War with US would be unbearable disaster, says China defence minister

Defence Minister Li Shangfu says Beijing is open to dialogue in his first major speech in the role.

Afghan women face 'pandemic of suicidal thoughts'

Afghanistan faces a worsening mental health crisis amid a clampdown on women's freedoms and rights.

Jacinda Ardern Is Now a Dame, Recognized for Service to New Zealand

Ms. Ardern, who stepped down as prime minister in January, said she had considered declining the title, but accepted it as a way to show gratitude.

Kathleen Folbigg Is Pardoned; Australian Official Cites ‘New Evidence’

An Australian jury found that Kathleen Folbigg had smothered her children. But scientists now say that they probably died from natural causes.

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