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Anthony Taylor: PGMOL condemns abuse directed at Europa League final referee

Referees' body PGMOL says it is appalled by the "unjustified and abhorrent" abuse directed at Anthony Taylor by supporters at Budapest Airport following Wednesday's Europa League final.

Russia accused of holding 20,000 Ukrainian civilians captive

Families are desperately trying to secure the release of the more than 20,000 Ukrainians held captive by Russia. Rights activists have said the Geneva Conventions are being violated.

After Mass Shootings in Serbia, Few Want to Give Up Their Guns

Two massacres have prompted the government to tighten already strict rules, but the nation’s gun culture is deep-rooted and complex.

European Parliament questions Hungary's fitness to head EU

Hungary is scheduled to assume the rotating presidency of the European Union in 2024. However, members of the European Parliament are expressing skepticism about its worthiness for the post.

Deborah Levy’s ‘August Blue’ Finds Fun in Doppelgängers

The author writes about “the body in the world.” In her new book “August Blue,” she explores the split self via the story of a woman confronted with her double.

Ukraine tops agenda at major European summit in Moldova

The European Political Community has met for its second summit in Moldova. There was a lot of support expressed for Ukraine, but no concrete decisions were made.

Zelensky Pushes for EU and NATO Membership at Meeting in Moldova

“This year is for decisions,” President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine said at the European Political Community gathering, which sought to showcase Western solidarity amid the Kremlin’s war.

Fans drugged, assaulted? New accusations against Rammstein's Till Lindemann

Following initial claims by Shelby Lynn, several young female fans are now testifying that they were recruited to have sex with the band's lead singer, Till Lindemann.

Ukraine updates: Zelenksyy urges backing for peace formula

Any peace plan has to come from Kyiv, as the "war is on our land," the Ukrainian president has told European leaders. DW has the latest.

U.K. Government Refuses to Give Boris Johnson’s Texts to Covid Inquiry

A panel examining how Britain handled the pandemic wants copies of the former prime minister’s text messages, but the government is taking the matter to court.

In a boost for bikes, cities back sustainable mobility

The bicycle has long been central to the Dutch way of life, and now other cities are following suit. But the move away from cars is also meeting with resistance.

Spanish Grand Prix: Max Verstappen sets pace in first practice

Max Verstappen set the pace in a first practice session that gave little insight into the true competitive picture at the Spanish Grand Prix.

NATO foreign ministers place 'intense focus' on Ukraine support

NATO foreign ministers have gathered in Oslo for a final day of informal talks on heightened defense spending and the military alliance's future relationship with Ukraine.

'You can't do decolonization without healing'

Cameroonian art curator Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung is the new director of Berlin's Haus der Kulturen der Welt. He talked to DW about his career and vision.

Sunak prioritises illegal migration in European talks

Rishi Sunak was in Moldova for a summit of 47 nations that was dominated by the war in Ukraine.

Russian Missiles Kill 3 in Kyiv, Including Mother and 9-Year-Old Girl

They were among three people killed in a Russian missile attack, officials said. Ukraine opened an investigation, as Russians described shelling and evacuations in border regions.

Blinken Finishes Nordic Trip in Finland, NATO’s Newest Member, Focused on Ukraine War

A speech by the U.S. Secretary of State celebrated an unexpected degree of Western unity and Ukrainian resolve, but included cautionary notes about what he suggested would be a long and difficult road ahead.

BRICS open to enlargement in call for 'multipolar' world

Russia and China have raised the possibility of BRICS accepting new members. Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin's attendance at an August summit remains unclear.

‘Prayer for the French Republic’ Heads to Broadway

The play, which is scheduled to open in January, joins a string of Broadway shows that confront antisemitism in the U.S. and abroad.

As War Persists in Ukraine, Doctors Warn of Rise in Premature Births

The mental burden of Russia’s invasion has exacted a heavy toll on civilians. As the fighting drags on, pregnant women are among those facing the toughest trials.

Belgorod: Shelling in Russian border region kills two, governor says

Two women were killed by shrapnel as they travelled in a car, officials say.

Germany's far-right AfD gets a boost

Polls see Germany's center-left coalition government in free fall while the far-right populist AfD is reaping the benefits. It currently polls on par with Chancellor Olaf Scholz's Social Democrats.

Zelenskyy arrives in Moldova for European leaders summit

Moldova, which borders Ukraine, is hosting the second European Political Community summit, as it seeks to solidify its EU bid. The 27 EU members and their European allies are gathering in a show of unity.

Germany's Baerbock emphasizes security in Baltic Sea region

Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock said the war in Ukraine has been a turning point for the region, as she adressed the Council of the Baltic Sea States meeting.

Kosovo PM Kurti hints at new mayoral vote amid tensions

Following violent protests in northern Kosovo, opposition lawmakers blamed Prime Minister Albin Kurti for deteriorating relations with the West.

Kyiv cancels some Children’s Day events as Ukraine loses another young life.

Polish president Duda backtracks on Russian influence law

A new law in Poland has prompted outrage, with many arguing it would block government rivals from running for office. President Andrzej Duda now says he will introduce changes to the bill.

German rescue ship defies Italy's disembarkation rules

A ship that saved migrants in the Mediterranean has taken them to another port than that assigned by Italian officials. The NGO that owns the ship now risks a fine.

NATO working to ensure 'Putin does not do this again'

NATO is working on a framework to halt Russia's "cycle of aggression" against Kyiv, NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg said after meeting the alliance's top diplomats in Oslo.

Austria not liable for Ischgl ski resort COVID outbreak

Austrian state cannot be held liable for the Ischgl crisis that saw thousands catch COVID-19, a court has ruled, rejecting the plaintiff's claims of "catastrophic mismanagement."

Polish radical right-wing MP disrupts lecture on Holocaust

A Polish radical right-wing MP's violent disturbance at a lecture on the Holocaust at the German Historical Institute in Warsaw prevented a renowned historian and researcher from speaking.

Belgorod: Russia blames Ukraine for shelling inside border

The defence ministry claims it has also thwarted attempts by Kyiv to "invade" the Belgorod region.

Brics ministers call for rebalancing of global order away from West

The talks attended by Russia in South Africa are clouded by allegations of war crimes in Ukraine.

EU hopeful Moldova hosts European leaders in strategy summit

Leaders of the European Political Community — all European states with the exception of Russia and Belarus — are meeting in Moldova to discuss strategy over the conflict in neighboring Ukraine.

The Nonstop Work of Ukrainian Air Defenses: ‘We Have No Days Off’

Russian air attacks on Kyiv have come in relentless waves. Yet very little has penetrated the patched-together but increasingly sophisticated air defense network. Here’s why.

Kosovo: Nato ready to send more troops after unrest

Pristina and Belgrade trade blame after ethnic Albanian mayors were elected in ethnic Serb areas.

Spy Deaths on Boat in Italy Ignite Conspiracy Theories

Four people died when a storm sank a boat in northern Italy. Then it emerged that 21 of those aboard had worked for Israeli or Italian intelligence, igniting a speculative frenzy.

Ukraine updates: 3 killed in latest Russian strike on Kyiv

Two children were among those killed in the missile attacks on Kyiv's eastern outskirts, according to Ukrainian officials. DW has the latest.

Can Germany's tourism industry become climate neutral?

While some hotels are serving climate-neutral meat from their own farms and heating with wood chips, the tourism industry as a whole has a long way to go to reduce their carbon footprint.

Germany's far-right AfD profits from climate change spat

The far-right Alternative for Germany is flying high in nationwide polls. The AfD is sharpening its profile by attacking the Green Party's climate policies.

How supermodel Heidi Klum built a multimillion-euro empire

As Heidi Klum turns 50, we look at how her impressive career has allowed the German-born supermodel to become a global star and powerful businesswoman.

Flattened Ichthyosaur Fossil Gets New Life With X-ray Vision

Scientists were able to unlock the identity of an ichthyosaur that had been reduced to a two-dimension jumble of bones.

Ukraine updates: Kyiv downs Russian missiles in early attack

Authorities have lifted air raid warnings after intercepting more than 30 Russian missiles and drones over the city in the early hours of Friday. DW has the latest.

How KIRAC Trailed Michel Houellebecq From the Bedroom to the Courtroom

The art collective KIRAC was embroiled in court battles over a film about the author’s sex life. Is the dispute a performance? A marketing stunt? Or a genuine cultural feud?

France influencers: Jail threat for those found flouting new ad laws

France's new rules ban or restrict certain commercial practices by online personalities.

Ukraine’s Future Ties to NATO Are Main Topic as Western Nations Meet

The question of how to guarantee Ukrainian security loomed over a meeting of NATO foreign ministers in Norway and a gathering of European leaders in Moldova.

Ukraine war: Teens used to report Russian propaganda

Children as young as 16 are working at TV channels in occupied Ukraine, spouting Russian propaganda.

Iceland Is a Magnet for Tourists. Its First Lady Has Some Advice for Them.

Eliza Reid, a former U.N. tourism ambassador and the wife of President Gudni Johannesson, welcomes her country’s many visitors, and has a few suggestions on safety, respect and how to meet locals.

Erling Haaland: Manchester City striker 'will do everything for Treble'

Manchester City striker Erling Haaland says he "will do everything" to help the club to a historic Treble.

Andrew Tate BBC interview: Influencer challenged on misogyny and rape allegations

This is the influencer's first TV interview with a major broadcaster while under house arrest.

Do Russians really hate the West?

The BBC's Steve Rosenberg visits Yaroslavl to find out if people there carry the Kremlin's message.

Serbia: Belgrade rocked by anti-government protests

Protesters returned to the streets as President Aleksandar Vucic ignored their calls to resign. The latest rallies come amid public anger following two deadly mass shootings.

Iran frees more Europeans after prisoner swap

Two Austrians and a Danish citizen are released a week after Belgium freed a jailed Iranian diplomat.

Peter Simonischek, Beloved Austrian Actor, Is Dead at 76

He played a prankster and adoring father in “Toni Erdmann,” the Oscar-nominated 2016 comedy that made him an international star, but he had long been a celebrity at home.

Ukraine Investigates Deaths by Shelter as Russia Evacuates Border Towns

In Ukraine’s capital, residents struggled with the question of who was to blame for a shelter closed off to two women and a child. In Russia, the authorities described evacuations in a border region.

Ilya Kabakov, 89, Dies; Soviet-Born Artist Skewered Grimness With Wit

In often fantastical paintings, drawings and immersive installations, he explored the privations and indignities of the Soviet life he would flee, landing on Long Island.

Women's Champions League: Barcelona claim title after stunning comeback

Barcelona avoided an upset against Wolfsburg in the final of the UEFA Women’s Champions League. The Spanish giants produced a stunning comeback in-front of a record-breaking crowd to be crowned European champions.

Ukraine war: Why are drone attacks increasing in Russia?

Recent weeks have seen an escalation in drone attacks in Russia and Ukraine. What's behind the increase, and how has the West reacted?

In Finland, NATO’s Newest Member, Blinken Details Russia’s ‘Failures’

A speech by the U.S. Secretary of State struck a triumphal tone, while also warning against a rush to short-term solutions to the war in Ukraine.

Polish government slammed for 'instrumentalizing' Holocaust

In an attempt to dissuade people from attending an opposition march ahead of elections, Poland's governing PiS party released a video showing images of the Auschwitz death camp. Observers say the move could backfire.

Ukraine updates: Zelenskyy orders bomb shelter probe after deaths

The Ukrainian leader has ordered an inspection of air-raid shelters after reports of people being unable to enter them. The IAEA head says the country's biggest nuclear plant is "extremely vulnerable." DW has the latest.

Poland protest: Hundreds of thousands demand change in Warsaw

Politicians including main opposition leader Donald Tusk led crowds calling for a change of direction.

India asks Germany to return 2-year-old girl in foster care

Ariha Shah was seven months old when she was removed from her parents' care by authorities in Berlin. The details of the case are sketchy but Indian media reported she was injured accidentally by her grandmother.

Germany to probe report of Chinese pilot training

Several former German air force officers have been training Chinese pilots for years via companies in the Seychelles, German media reported. Defense Minister Boris Pistorius promised a full investigation.

What does the future hold for Franco-Algerian relations?

The Algerian president is due to visit France this month. Sixty years after Algeria gained independence, relations between the two states continue to be overshadowed by the colonial past.

Attacks in Russia 'destroy myth of Putin's invincible army'

Recent drone attacks and the shelling of a Russian border town have forced residents to flee their homes, sowing panic and fear. The Kremlin has downplayed the raids, but experts think they reveal Putin's weaknesses.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic retires: Swedish great ends football career at 41

Swedish forward Zlatan Ibrahimovic makes the announcement after AC Milan's final game of the season.

Kaija Saariaho: Feted Finnish composer dies at 70

Saariaho, who was suffering from brain cancer, was seen as a leading light of contemporary classical music.

Huge Crowds Protest Poland’s Governing Conservative Party

The country’s largest antigovernment gathering in years sought to reclaim the legacy of the Solidarity movement that led the struggle against a Communist system imposed by Moscow.

Ukraine updates: Russia says attack in Donetsk thwarted

It's unclear if the alleged attack was part of Ukraine's long-awaited counteroffensive. Meanwhile, a pro-Ukraine group said it would transfer captured Russian soldiers from Belgorod to Kyiv. DW has the latest.

Sanda Dia: Belgium reckons with verdict over black student's hazing death

Sanda Dia died after being made to consume excessive amounts of fish oil and alcohol in 2018.

Can Old-World Horezu Pottery Survive Modern Tastes?

A style of pottery made for centuries in a small Romanian town has recently become a hot commodity.

Kyiv missile strikes: Tracking the rise of Russian attacks

Russia is mounting more frequent missile and drone raids on Ukraine recently, with a focus on Kyiv.

Lake Maggiore boat accident: Questions remain over spy deaths

Intelligence officers from Italy and Israel are among the four people who drowned on 28 May.

Health of German woman jailed in Iran failing, says activist

A fellow inmate says the life of German-Iranian rights activist Nahid Taghavi is "in danger" as she struggles with severe pain. The 66-year-old was convicted of national security breaches that her family says are false.

Thomas Buergenthal, Holocaust Survivor and Judge, Dies at 89

He said his survival of the Holocaust at 10 years old allowed him to understand “what it is like to be a victim of human rights violations.”

Poland opposition stages huge anti-government protest

An estimated half a million people turned out to mark Poland's transition to democracy more than three decades ago. Former Solidarity leader Lech Walesa spoke at the demonstration, as did ex-Prime Minister Donald Tusk.

Jose Mourinho: Roma boss charged for using abusive language towards official at Europa League final

Roma coach Jose Mourinho is charged by Uefa for using insulting or abusive language against a match official at Wednesday's Europa League final.

Serbia Protests After Mass Shootings Demand Social Changes

The protests, which have gathered momentum since two massacres in May, are denouncing a “culture of violence” and the increasingly authoritarian rule of the country’s leader.

Dutch Rail System Is Disrupted, as Service to Amsterdam Is Halted

Officials warned of delays across the country and told travelers not to come to the capital, as an IT problem persisted for a second day.

With Prince Harry to Testify in Hacking Case, Royals Prepare to Cringe

A media spectacle will unfold this week as the prince prepares to take the stand against newspapers he says invaded his privacy by hacking his cellphone.

Ukraine updates: Girl killed, dozens injured in Dnipro blast

Rescuers searched for people trapped under rubble after a missile hit an apartment building. Meanwhile, officials in the Russian region of Belgorod have reported more shelling. DW has the latest.

Hamburg Ironman triathlon: Motorbike rider killed in crash

A fatal accident overshadowed the Ironman European championships triathlon event in Hamburg. A support motorcycle carrying a cameraman collided with a competitor on a bicycle, killing one person and injuring two.

German Cup: Leipzig retain title against five-time winners Frankfurt

RB Leipzig successfully defended their German Cup title against five-time winners Eintracht Frankfurt. Christopher Nkunku scored one and set up the other in a fitting farewell for the French forward.

Russia says it thwarted major Ukrainian offensive

Moscow claims to have killed 250 Ukrainian troops, but this has not been independently verified.

Russians in Belgorod Region Start Feeling the Ukraine War

With cross-border strikes, residents of the Russian region of Belgorod are starting to understand the horrors of war being waged at their doorstep.

Why are Germany and South Korea sharing military secrets?

With the new intelligence-sharing pact, Berlin and Seoul aim to boost their defense capabilities amid the conflict in Ukraine and tensions in the Indo-Pacific.

Turkey's Erdogan sworn in for 3rd term as president

Recep Tayyip Erdogan was inaugurated for another five-year term on Saturday afternoon. Afterwards, he will attend a ceremony attended by foreign dignitaries, including NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg.

Ukrainian Recruits, Wanting to Fight, Train in the U.K. for Counteroffensive

“We’re going to die, probably,” one recruit said bluntly, as he trained on Friday with several hundred others at a military camp in Yorkshire, England.

How patriotic can Germans be?

Germany's conservative opposition parties think that what the country needs is more patriotism — to overcome political polarization and make eastern Germans feel more included. But what does patriotism mean in Germany?

Car Bombing in Russian-Occupied Ukraine Shows Reach of War

The blast in the Zaporizhzhia region of southern Ukraine killed a cafe owner who was registered to run in elections seen as an attempt to legitimize Moscow’s illegal annexation of the area.

Russian wineries maintain production despite EU sanctions

Russian wine suppliers have been facing difficulties due to EU sanctions. But Putin's favorite vintners have been trying to import material from Portugal and France through third-party countries. DW investigates.

Turkey's Erdogan to be sworn in for 3rd term as president

Recep Tayyip Erdogan will be inaugurated for another five-year term on Saturday afternoon. Afterwards, he will attend a ceremony attended by foreign dignitaries, including NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg.

Kaija Saariaho, Pathbreaking Composer, Is Dead at 70

She brought new colors to modernist music, sometimes using electronics, and became the first female living composer to have two operas staged by the Met.

Ukraine war: 'It's better to die at home than abroad'

Thousands of Ukrainians are moving back to towns close to the front line, despite the dangers.

Who Owns the Benin Bronzes? The Answer Just Got More Complicated.

Restitution efforts were underway, fueled by news that a museum was being planned in Nigeria to house the treasures. Then a surprising announcement sowed uncertainty.

Ukraine updates: Zelenskyy 'ready' to stage counteroffensive

The Ukrainian president warned of huge casualties unless Western allies can deliver more Patriot air defense batteries. The IAEA meanwhile said the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant is "extremely vulnerable." DW has the latest.

Germany urges Indo-Pacific states to 'defend' rule of law

Speaking from the Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore, Pistorius hailed ASEAN for a reach "far beyond its geographic composition." He also stressed the need to collectively stand against Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

NATO's Stoltenberg again urges Turkey to let Sweden join

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has urged Turkey to stop holding up Sweden's NATO entry bid, saying membership "will make Sweden safer but also make NATO and Turkey stronger."

France-Algeria relations: What does the future hold?

Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune is due to visit France later this month. Sixty years after Algeria gained its independence, relations between the two states continue to be overshadowed by the colonial past.

Depression in football: The fan groups fighting the taboo

The taboo around mental health issues in football is starting to show cracks. In Germany, supporters are taking matters into their own hands in supporting their fellow fans.

In Russian Schools, It’s Recite Your ABC’s and ‘Love Your Army’

The curriculum for young Russians is increasingly emphasizing patriotism and the heroism of Moscow’s army, while demonizing the West as “gangsters.” One school features a “sniper”-themed math class.

Women's Champions League: Final loss highlights flaws in Wolfsburg's methods

Wolfsburg let a two-goal lead slip as they lost the Champions League final against Spanish giants Barcelona. The defeat raises questions about where the She-Wolves stand on the landscape of women's football.

Ukrainian Shelling in Russia’s Belgorod Region Forces Evacuations

‘The conditions are quite difficult,’ the local governor of the region said on social media.

Ukraine war: Anti-Putin fighters say two Russian soldiers 'captured'

The head of Russia's Belgorod border region agrees to meet the captors if the soldiers are still alive.

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