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3 Israeli soldiers were killed along the Egyptian border, military says

A gunbattle involving an Egyptian police officer in southern Israel along the border left three Israeli soldiers dead, the army said. It was a rare instance of deadly violence along the frontier.

3 Israeli Soldiers Killed in Rare Attack on Egyptian Border

The suspect was identified by the Israeli and Egyptian authorities as an Egyptian security officer. The deadly sequence of events may be connected to a thwarted drug smuggling attempt, the Israeli military said.

Oil production to drop after Opec+ nations meet

The move by the oil-rich nations comes as prices fall amid accusations Opec has sided with Russia.

In Israel, Tough Questions Follow Fatal Attack on the Egyptian Border

Israeli officials were investigating a series of mishaps and failings that led to the killings of three Israeli soldiers by an Egyptian border guard.

The mother bringing autism out of the dark in Iraq

Shunned by society, Shaimaa Alhashimi built an online following by making videos about her home life.

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