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Proxy Test Page

When you click on these links, you should be able to retrieve info.

If You Are Having Trouble

If you are having trouble with the signage, you may have a proxy or firewall setup that is blocking or slowing some types of information. These are a few links that are good to check that your pc can communicate with the strandvision servers.

Links to Test

This link should play a video file from our Source Video Server

This should open up a save as dialogue box from our Scalable Video/Image Server

This link should open up a save as window for kioskdata.cnf. Open it up and make sure that it contains all kinds of characters and a couple of web site urls. It is the signage configuration file that tells the player the things to get everything started.

Allowing Access Through Firewalls

If you need to allow access through your firewall, you should allow * since our server cloud has many servers that it utilizes and each player is given 3 of the servers by the primary controller server to automatically fall back to if one fails.

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