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StrandVision digital signage software turns real estate lobbies into profitable selling arenas.

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StrandVision Digital Signage provides an innovative way for realtors to turn their lobbies into selling arenas and offer dynamic listings on their Websites. With StrandVision, you can replace your corkboard lobby listings with an unlimited number of attractive digital signage pages that can be sorted and presented by price band, location, or any other criteria.

Using StrandVision’s graphical database, it’s easy to load listings, complete with pictures for display, control how often they are shown and schedule when they are removed from the mix. You can also insert a StrandVision Digital Signage display window on your Website so your digital signage listings are automatically displayed to online visitors. It’s a great feature that saves staff time, increases accuracy and sets you apart from the competition. If you have a lot of properties, StrandVision can automatically connect to your RETS feed (Real Estate Transaction Standard) to automatically add, remove and update real estate listings on all your electronic signage screens every 15 minutes….

StrandVision digital signs can also provide a way to support the community with public service announcements, and sell advertising to local businesses to reach a targeted, motivated, interested audience.


StrandVision Digital Signage offers a free digital signage software trial account for realtors. This includes sample content templates and personalized assistance to get your network up and running.

Customer Stories

StrandVision Helps Professionals Plus Realty Showcase its Professionalism

Professionals Plus Realty, Inc. of Tifton, Georgia, was created to bring a higher level of customer service to the profession. That’s why it turned to StrandVision when it wanted a better way to present its listings to visitors to its office. As a result, when Professionals Plus Realty unveiled its new office, it also debuted a 48" flat screen digital sign driven by StrandVision. Now, visitors have a whole new outlook when they stop by.
August 15, 2008 > See More

RE/MAX Highlights Listings/Community with StrandVision Digital Sign

RE/MAX of Thomasville (Georgia), Inc. has discovered a new way to feature its real estate listings, agents, services, and business partners, as well as community groups and events. The 32-agent realty office replaced an expensive, inflexible digital signage system with StrandVision Digital Signage and now is able to easily update both the digital sign and its Website with attractive listing notices.
February 26, 2008 > See More

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  • Large TV, LCD or plasma screen in lobby, mounted in high-visibility location
  • Multiple locations can show same or customized content
  • Text and graphics pages (with or without audio), including graphical listings or full video
  • Simultaneous display on your Website

Possible Digital Signage Content

  • General information
    • Real estate listings
    • Community events/resources
    • Late breaking mortgage rates and real estate deals
    • Office locations
  • Advertising
    • Local and national businesses can buy paid advertising on the digital sign
    • You can generate more income from increased sales
  • Project professionalism
    • Profile agents
    • Feature recent sales
    • List agency awards/recognition
  • News, weather and sports


  • Clearly differentiates the agency
  • Projects professionalism
  • Eases the posting of listings
  • Provides convenient way to update/maintain Web listings
  • Automatically removes listings from all locations (including Web)
  • Reaches every office and Web visitor
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Audio or silent mode operation
  • Can use existing televisions and local area or cable networks

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