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StrandVision Digital Signage Reseller Program Signup

Earn tens of thousands per year!

Look at this common customer scenario.

A regional bank with 75 branches is looking at doing signs for each of their teller lines. 10 of them already have something in place, so changes are minimal. They are installing this in two phases, the first being the established banks with little infrastructure change, the latter being the smaller branches. This scenario forecasts only computers and basic time to install the computer. Most banks will require an installer who will see them through the network cabling (or wireless installation), any required remodelling and potentially signage content setup. These will dramatically increase the hours that get paid for.

First Phase:

Qty Product Retail First Year Profit Renewal Year Profit
1 Signage Subscription (per year) $659 $330 $198
9 Additional Locations (per year)
$3,235 $1,617 $970
10 Hours of Installation/Training
$1,500 $1,500  
  Total $5,394 $3,447 $1,168

Second Phase:

Qty Product Retail First Year Profit Renewal Year Profit
15 Additional Locations (per year)
$5,391 $1,617 $1,617
45 Additional Bandwidth (per year)
$8,073 $2,422 $2,422
65 Computers ($600) $39,000 $7,800  
65 Hours of Installation
$9,750 $9,750  
  Total $62,214 $21,589 $4,039

From one customer, you can see first year sales of almost $70,000, first year profit of over $25,000 and annual renewal profits of over $5,000 for doing nothing but working with the customer at renewal time. Or you can let us handle the renewals and still get almost $3,500 per year. Imagine how a couple of these could increase your business. We have customers looking for this type of solution and we need installers to help them out. Apply today to join this lucrative opportunity.

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