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Creating a StrandVision Linux Archive

Restore a Linux Player image and initialize your StrandVision account

This document describes the steps that are involved to restore a CloneZilla image for the StrandVision R360 linux player that uses the CentOS operating system.

Download and Prepare Software

  • Using a Windows, Mac or Linux pc, download svshuttle_c64_20130905.iso. Since it is over a gig in size, you may want to download it overnight since it will take some time to download.
  • Burn the .iso onto a blank writable DVD using your burning software. If you have Windows 7 or higher, find the file using Windows Explorer, right click on the file and select "Open With" and "Windows Disc Image Burner". You can also save it to a bootable USB thumb drive using these instructions.

Boot Up On The Master Image

  • Attach the USB Thumb Drive or an external USB CD / DVD drive (with the DVD in it) to the StrandVision R360 Linux PC
  • Turn on the player
  • Press the F7 key several times until it gives you a boot list
  • Find the USB DVD drive or USB thumb drive and select it
  • The system will boot using the flash drive or dvd drive that you selected

Restore the Image

  • A CloneZilla screen will appear (we use CloneZilla to prepare the master). Press enter to continue.
  • Confirm that you want to overwrite your hard disk twice.
  • The image will be restored in about 2 minutes
  • When complete, remove the USB thumb drive or dvd and reboot the computer

Configure Your Network

  • Once the system comes up, you will see the desktop.
  • Connect a wired DHCP network cable to either network jack.
  • verify that you can browse to an outside web site now
  • To set the wireless or a static ip address, click on System, Preferences, Network Connections and set it up appropriately.

Activate StrandVision

  • Open up FireFox and type "localhost" on the web url
  • You will see a version number, the operating system and when the system is initialized, it will show a place to enter your pc's part and serial number. Enter that in the format specified.
  • Enter your username and password. If you have multiple screens on your account:
    • go to
    • log into your signage account
    • Click on Signage Pages / View Signage
    • Select the appropriate screen from the drop down list at the top of the screen
    • use the username and password that appears in the "Play your Signage on a TV Display" section
  • When the username and password has been verified by the StrandVision servers, it will show a status of the installation progress
  • Once the system is fully downloaded, the signage will appear in full screen mode
  • If you ever need to keep this from being full screen mode, press the escape key and while it is minimized, press the "W" key (window). The screen maximizes between every page.

Optionally Burn-In the PC

If you want to run the burn-in test on the pc

  • type "cd /home"
  • type "./"
  • type "top" to see a live processor status screen
  • Let it run for several hours
  • To stop the test (it will run endlessly on its own), press the power button momentarily to start powering off the pc.

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