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Summer of Digital Signage

Get a FREE subscription for a year

StrandVision Digital Signage is pleased to announce the Summer of Digital Signage (SDS) program. From May 3 to August 31, 2010, the first million subscribers get a year of no risk / no charge StrandVision Summer of Digital Signage (SDS) free software. You can use a Windows PC and screen that you already have to put on your front desk or other public place to market to your customers, vendors and employees. Get your StrandVision SDS free software subscription by completing the five step test drive and using promotion code "SDS-SV".

This free digital signage software delivers your own content to your organization via television, computer screen, LCD/plasma display as well as people viewing your website. Enhance internal communications and promote your products and services with your own text messages, graphics, advertisements, local/national weather and news. StrandVision Digital Signage eliminates the need for complex setup or expensive hardware since it uses a standard web-browser with preconfigured Linux or your own Windows PC. Your personalized content is delivered directly over the Internet to computer displays in your facility. It has the most influence on your business in high traffic area such as: lobby, break room, service bay or waiting room areas.

Program Requirements & Detail

  • Offer good from May 3 through August 31, 2010
  • 1 year of StrandVision service when actively used to grow your business:
    • play signage minimum of 8 hours per week
    • update content once per week
    • have an active email address on the account
  • maximum of 50 hours per week of playback
  • 25 content pages
  • Content types included:
    • Company Information including Logo, Mission, Description
    • United States Weather Information including Radar, 5-day, Current Condition
    • Financial Information including Currency Rates and User Defined Rates
    • Scrolling Paragraph, Static paragraphs with Photo, Random Photos and PowerPoint Photos
    • Digital & Analog Time and Date
    • Counters and Estimators
    • Emergency Notifications
    • Basic Scheduling
    • PowerPoint Conversion
    • Newsfeed (text based crawl on the bottom of the page)
    • Timely Templates (pre-canned graphics)
  • First 30 days for new users includes additional features noted below:
    • Animated Weather Radar
    • Enhanced Scheduling
    • User defined RSS/XML feeds
    • Split Screen Mode
    • Live TV Playback (with tv tuner card)
    • User Configurable Database with images
    • Streaming Video
    • Proof of Playback
  • Web TV Playback of 12 cumulative hours per day (advertising displays after that)
  • Occasional StrandVision advertising will display
  • Online support resources & email:


  • $100 per two (2) hours - Real Time Support (Live web online chat, webinar or telephone)
  • $100 - Custom Background Template (you provide .jpg image)
  • $200 - Custom Background Template with Clock (you provide .jpg image)
  • Purchase an additional package and receive support on both

Hardware Options

Get Paid for Sharing It

  • Friend Referral credit of $10 on your account (max $500 per year) for referrals who sign up for a free Test Drive subscription and actively use it for 60 days (you can share your free promotion code with them).
  • Affiliate credit of 20% on your account for referrals who purchase qualifying subscriptions (e.g., Basic, TV, Streaming Video, Gold or Platinum)

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