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How StrandVision Digital Signage Works

How It Works

One or more computer systems that are tied to the Internet will typically drive the television screens using standard VGA to TV converters and a standard VCR to broadcast it on channel 3 or 4. The standard digital signage system is for one signage playback location in your business. Additional playback locations and capabilities can be added with various options. Each page can contain photos, images, charts, graphs, logos, static text, scrolling text and sound. Since it is Internet based, multiple facilities can see the same (or slightly modified) information that is all updated from anywhere in the world via the StrandVision Digital Signage Web Site and the proper password.

The standard StrandVision Digital Signage system is the Single Office Plan. It is designed to be used by a company that has one location and one broadcast point. You can even try the Single Office Plan for no charge and with no obligation just by setting up a new account. Click here to see the benefits of signing up for a full subscription. After logging in with your administration password, you create digital signage pages, specify who will enter the information on each page, enter the information you want displayed and save it. An editing password allows the information on the non-administrative pages to be edited. A viewing password is entered when you are ready to display the signage to your employees or customers.

Security of what information is being broadcast is very important. StrandVision Digital Signage has three levels of password security for each account. This allows the person with the top level password to configure the information about each company, username and password for editing and viewing, the color scheme, fonts and layout for the company, creation of "pages" or kiosk slides and to select who can change information on each page. The editing user can change the information that the 'administrator' sets up, and the viewing user is given the authority to view the signage.

If you have questions or need assistance getting exactly what you need, the staff at StrandVision Digital Signage is eager to hear from you. Please email strandadmin at or call .

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