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StrandVision's transportation digital signage solutions effectively communicate schedules, digital advertising, safety information and news to employees, contractors.

Transportation Background

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Transportation companies have a number of audiences that they need to communicate with on a regular basis - employees, independent contractors for both shipping and receiving. Trucking companies, ports, and rail operations need to communicate schedules, safety information and employee news. (See separate "Employee Communications" Industry Uses section.) StrandVision Digital Signage can be an important addition to the mix for transportation companies, providing both indoor and outdoor communications.

StrandVision Digital Signage can also quickly communicate emergency notices to every corner of the operation with a display.


StrandVision Digital Signage offers a free digital signage software trial account for transport industry. This includes sample content templates and personalized assistance to get your network up and running.

Customer Stories

StrandVision Drives Double Sided Outdoor Billboard for Dynamite Auto

StrandVision recently managed the installation of a Formetco double sided 6x12 foot outdoor billboard / sign. The digital signage content for these signs are individually controlled and scheduled using the versatile StrandVision web management portal.
June 28, 2016 > See More

Weastec Communicates Automotive and Employee News to Associates

Weastec, a supplier of automotive products, relies on StrandVision Digital Signage to present timely and consistent messages to improve employee communication and productivity while meeting the organization's lean initiative goals.
Jan 27, 2011 > See More

Peterbilt Truck Centers Promotes Parts/Service with StrandVision Digital Signage

Peterbilt Truck Centers operates seven full service dealerships in Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana and Alabama. The dealerships are committed to providing premium transportation products with an unmatched level of customer service. The Centers promote these services using StrandVision Digital Signage.
July 30, 2009 > See More

Port of Tacoma Launches Port News Network

The Port of Tacoma is a major North American seaport handling nearly 1,200 vessel calls and more than $36 billion in trade annually. It recently sought a way to publicize a new IT initiative to its 250 employees. The seaport decided to use a digital signage system from StrandVision and immediately saw the potential to make it a core employee communications tool.
April 28, 2008 > See More

Eau Claire Ford Lincoln Mercury's New Sales Rep

Eau Claire Ford Lincoln Mercury is known for its innovative business marketing. It has added a StrandVision Digital Signage system to feature products and services. The new digital sign directly led to the sale of a new car within weeks of going online, immediately more than paying for a year of service.
July 1, 2007 > See More

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  • Small or large TV or plasma screens (can use existing computer or cable TV networks)
  • Both indoor and outdoor TV installations
  • Multiple departments can show same or customized content
  • Simple text and graphics pages or full video (with or without audio)
  • Easy Web-based administration allows instant updates - even emergency notices

Possible Digital Signage Content

  • Employee communications
  • Benefits communications
  • Local weather and news
  • VIP greetings
  • List meetings and locations
  • Direction finder
  • Sales promotion
  • Stock ticker
  • Promote safety, other corporate goals
  • Feature community events
  • Promote, possibly sell, advertising to healthcare, local businesses and other vendors
  • Immediately distribute emergency notices


  • Passive communications medium that reaches every employee/customer
  • Reduces staff time and printing/distribution costs of company notices
  • Always timely - automatically removes out-of-date notices
  • Attractive displays for public areas (lobbies, meeting facilities)
  • Potential revenue stream

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