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Advanced StrandVision Database Setup

Discover how StrandVision's user database capabilities provide powerful new business marketing opportunities for your digital signage.

  • Introduction
    • Thanks for your time
    • Ask questions as you get them - interactive
    • We want your input since that is how we improve our product
  • Database Overview
    • Random User Database - Keeps signage fresh, works well with home listings, birthdays, anniversaries.
    • User Database List - Shows all as text. Works well with donation boards or monthly birthday/anniversary lists.
    • User Database Table - Shows all as a table. Best if it fits on one page
    • User Database Counter - A table with special purpose calculations (OSHA Safety). Best if it fits on one page
  • Creating / Modifying Database Structure
    • Database Name - used in modify pages area
    • Beginner / Advanced mode
    • Ordering Fields
    • Hidden versus Visible Fields
    • Title of the database field - for entering and optionally for displaying
    • Field Type
      • Filler(Not Stored) - Used for data entry from a worksheet
      • Body Text (with or without heading)
      • Footer Text
      • Date/Time (calculates # of days from today with the User Database Counter)
      • Page Title and SubTitle
      • Photo/Image (only one allowed per database)
      • Photo Caption (left, center, right)
    • Input Type (validation for the data entry screen)
      • Multiline Paragraph
      • Single Line Text
      • Date
      • Date/Time
      • Photo / Image
    • Minimum Length (0 makes the value be optional)
    • Word Wrap (allows wrap for displaying if checked, shrinks to fit if not)
    • Temporary Save versus Publish Changes
  • Editing and Adding Records - max of 5 records at a time with photos, 25 without
  • Sample Database Setup / Add To Signage
    • Customer Testimonial Database (pre-built into every account unless deleted)
    • Monthly Birthday List
    • OSHA Safety Statistics
    • Community Involvement Announcements
  • Questions

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