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Ladysmith Federal Supplements Marketing Communications with StrandVision Digital Signage

Ladysmith Federal Savings and Loan Association in Ladysmith, Wisconsin is a full-service financial institution that prides itself on its friendly, professional staff and its commitment to the local community. As a mutual association, its customers are the owners so customer communications is vital to its operations. StrandVision is helping Ladysmith Federal inform and engage bank customers with a digital signage display in the lobby.

Ladysmith Federal is a small, one branch financial association that takes customer communications seriously. The staff wants to make sure that customers are aware of their offerings but they also want to build a community that invites customers to participate in the association's in-bank activities as well as the events in the Ladysmith area.

That's why consumer loan officer, Sara Baker, recommended a StrandVision Digital Signage system for the teller area. The 40" digital sign has become an important part of Ladysmith Federal's bank marketing communications mix. Explained Sara, "The StrandVision system supplements our other communications. We put everything on it from community events to our own events, products and services."

Ladysmith Federal still advertises on the Web and Facebook, and uses customer brochures, but digital signage has replaced flyers. "I used to plaster the lobby with flyers. Now there's a much cleaner, less cluttered and professional look in the lobby."

The tellers like it as well. "Tellers aren't comfortable selling. The digital signage system lets people know about things so if they see an announcement on the electronic sign they can ask the teller to sign them up for the picnic or go right over to the mortgage officer."

PowerPoint Design

Sara manages the digital signage content posting updates every few weeks or more frequently, if required.

She develops everything in PowerPoint, the presentation program that's most familiar to her. She uses a standard background and simply brings it forward with new marketing content. "I know that there are other ways but I grabbed onto PowerPoint," she explained. "I just sit in my office, update the slides and then I click on a little link on my StrandVision site to upload them and they show up on the lobby screen almost instantly."

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Content ranges from savings and loan information to announcements for a medieval fair and Ladies Pink Night, a Ladysmith Federal/business community event and fundraiser for Women with Courage.

Sara conducted a shamrock-counting contest for St. Patrick's Day. Bank customers counted the shamrocks on the slides and put their guess in a bucket for a drawing. "It was an effective way for customers to notice the screen. It encouraged them to look at all of the slides to draw attention to the digital signage and its content," explained Sara.

Simplicity is Key

The StrandVision Signage System is effective and simple to operate. StrandVision worked with Ladysmith Federal's IT contractor who installed the digital signage player in the server closet. Sara learned how to manage the content by monitoring a StrandVision training Webinar and making a few calls to StrandVision for support.

Now, the digital signage player automatically updates everything over the Internet. "We're very happy with it," said Sara. "In a small bank we wear lots of different hats. I need the product to be simple and easy to use because I don't have a lot of time to spend on marketing. StrandVision is very easy. I quickly make my updates and then I can move onto my next task for the day."

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