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Peterbilt Truck Centers Promotes Parts/Service with StrandVision Digital Signage

Peterbilt Truck Centers operates seven full service dealerships in Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana and Alabama. The dealerships are committed to providing premium transportation products with an unmatched level of customer service. The Centers promote these services using StrandVision Digital Signage.

Peterbilt Truck Centers is an innovative seven-location dealership across the southeast. It is constantly on the lookout for the latest ways to provide customer service. An important part of this effort is communications - letting customers know about the parts and services that they offer. They traditionally did this through brochures and bulletin boards that highlight monthly service and parts specials.

David Henderson, General Manager, with responsibilities for all seven locations, began to notice digital signs in all kinds of places. "I was in a hotel in Nashville and everywhere you looked they had digital signs promoting restaurants, gift shops and services," said Henderson. "I realized that we could do the same in our customer service lounges and at the parts counters."

Checking out a new marketing approach

Henderson thought that digital signage would be perfect for the Centers. "We've got customers who bring in trucks and may be in the customer lounge for a few hours. Other customers spend time at our parts counter. It's a perfect opportunity to sell them something."

He began by looking online for suppliers. He found StrandVision and a few others that he thought were worth checking out.

He was impressed with StrandVision and he also discovered that another Peterbilt dealer was using StrandVision Digital Signage software, too.

Henderson, along with Information Technology Director, Jim Leeper, decided to go with StrandVision. Henderson explained, "It was a combination of things. They were very helpful, the price was reasonable, the product was easy to use and you don't have to put in too much equipment."

Easy installation using

Henderson decided to install displays at the parts counter and customer lounge at the Jackson, Mississippi location first since it was new and could be easily wired for the signage. He would then roll it out to the other locations.

Leeper simply added a personal computer to the existing local area network (LAN). The StrandVision streaming signage is delivered over the Internet and LAN with low bandwidth requirements to prevent impact on any other operations.

Peterbilt waiting area signage
"All I did was hang another piece of hardware off the network to let it run. I used an older computer and thought that not having the memory and resources of a new computer might cause some problems. But I have not had a hiccup or anything."

The customer service lounge and parts department are close to each other, so Leeper decided to drive both displays from a single personal computer using StrandVision's high-definition (HD) personal computer-to-television adapters. He placed one transmitter at the PC and receivers at each display, set the devices to "full screen," and was done.

"It was easier and cheaper to just throw a small switch up in the ceiling and run both displays off of a single computer," said Leeper.

Leeper trained Parts Manager, Tracy Bailey, to update and manage the digital signage pages. Now the regularly updated signage features news and weather, Peterbilt Truck Centers locations, and parts and service specials.

Henderson and Leeper are happy with the StrandVision Digital Signage software system. Commented Henderson, "I don't have any question that we've sold some product from it. At the same time, I think there's a lot more we can do with it as we learn."

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