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StrandVision Pays Dividends for Bank of Ann Arbor

The Bank of Ann Arbor is a locally owned and operated bank that seeks to be the premier financial institution in its market. It focuses on business and professional solutions, and offers a full range of high quality products and services to clients. The Michigan bank embraces technology and was an early proponent of digital signage, using a proprietary video merchandising system for 12 years. In 2005, Bank of Ann Arbor turned to StrandVision for a more flexible, less costly solution. It has since deployed the StrandVision system to all of its bank lobbies.

The Bank of Ann Arbor was an early adopter of digital signage. Today, it has a multi-year contract for StrandVision digital signs in all five of its branches and is moving to a higher level by making them focal points in bank branch lounges.

The Bank's original installation was a proprietary video merchandising service that was managed by a service provider. Updating the Bank's marketing messages was cumbersome. Changes had to be submitted to the service provider, which then designed and posted the update. It took up to two weeks and the Bank paid additional design and technical services fees for each update.

Web-based solution

"Both our marketing and technical staffs were searching for a new video merchandising approach for our branches," commented Jeff J. Stanton, Bank of Ann Arbor Vice President and CTO. "We wanted more control over the process and easier, more versatile updating. With StrandVision, we found a Web-based system that is easy, reliable and extremely cost effective."

Bank of Ann Arbor's Waiting Area
After running a pilot that ended in mid-2006, the Bank placed StrandVision digital signs in its branch lobbies. It has since expanded the system and upgraded displays as it added branches.

The digital signage system is now an important part of the marketing mix. Rhonda Foxworth, Assistant Vice President & Marketing Officer, likes the way it enhances customers' banking experience. "Digital signs provide an unobtrusive way of communicating in our lobby. It is low key, yet gives our customers information on our offerings."

The Bank occasionally also allows nonprofits to submit digital signage slides to promote their services or special events, further reinforcing the Bank's commitment to community involvement.

Simple, effective marketing

Now, an administrator simply logs securely onto the StrandVision server through a Web page to update the content for one or all locations. The changes are automatically mixed with weather, local and national newsfeeds, and are immediately distributed to the appropriate digital signs in all of the branches. No waiting - no expense.

The Bank of Ann Arbor is enhancing its digital signage displays as it adds branches and updates existing branches. Traditional TVs are being replaced with large-format LCD screens. The Bank is also adding the ability to switch between digital signage marketing messages and cable television stations, and is considering adding its own videos to the StrandVision Digital Signage mix.

"TVs have become an accepted part of the lobby, so we're doing more to make them more of a focal point," said Foxworth. Delivering on this approach, new and renovated lobbies have financial lounges with large-format LCD screens, comfortable seating and fireplaces.

Concluded Stanton, "StrandVision costs only a fraction of what our previous service charged. We are confident in StrandVision's capabilities and happy with the service. Our marketing department likes it because it is easier and faster to update, so they can more effectively coordinate our in-branch merchandising."

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