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StrandVision digital signs are ideal for employee communications

Read about the ways digital signs can supplement traditional employee communications…

One of the areas that our resellers and customers have introduced us to is employee communications. Digital signs are ideal for this application since they can be put virtually anywhere, such as production areas, employee break areas, training facilities, even loading dock and warehouse areas. StrandVision digital signs can also present information in multiple languages. Digital signs take advantage of everyone’s fascination with TV (admit it, you can’t be in front of a TV without looking at it).

Digital signs are a great way to promote employees events, recognize achievements, publicize healthcare and employee benefits and signup deadlines, track the company stock, local weather and news. One application that is very popular is safety reporting. Using StrandVision’s "Count Up/Down" capability you can have the digital signage system automatically count the hours or days between safety incidents. This is an excellent way to keep safety top-of-mind with employees. You can also feature actual versus target sales / production statistics and other performance metrics.

We have an excellent data sheet for employee communications. Mike Strand also authored an article on employee communications that was featured in Chippewa Valley B2B that can be another resource for you. Think about it, whether your customers have mid-sized to large office or industrial facilities, or have retail or franchise operations, digital signs are an excellent way for them to quickly, accurately and efficiently reach out to there employees no matter where they are.

Some of our customers use the scheduling capability to use the same display screens that they normally use to communicate with customers during off hours to communicate with employees. The scheduler can be set up to present employee-oriented digital signage information before and/or after business hours and then automatically switch over to customer-oriented content at a set time each day. This works out well for retail and franchise operations, auto and service facilities, doctor’s offices and other venues where employees can gather in customer areas in off hours.

Employee communication installations present tremendous opportunities for installers to earn substantial hardware, network and consulting income. They often involve multiple display units, extensive networking and value-added consulting.

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