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StrandVision Web Redesign Drives Reseller Referrals

We’ve updated our referral system to automatically deliver referrals directly back to you…

One of the features that we’ve coded into the new Website is an automated reseller referral system for our registered resellers. Now, when someone links to from your Website and registers on ours, the prospect’s information will be immediately linked back to you as a lead. You don’t have to worry that a prospect (or even someone who just visits your site) who clicks through to StrandVision will be lost. The prospect will be yours from the start.
Visitors from other sources - direct logins, search engines and affiliates (our non-reseller referral network) will be assigned to resellers based on geography and/or expertise.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity. Featuring StrandVision Digital Signage prominently on your Website and in your email campaigns could bring big returns. For additional information, click here.

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