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StrandVision includes Licensed Content for Subscribers

27 licensed feeds from are included for free to StrandVision Digital Signage subscribers…

StrandVision Digital Signage has arranged to license all 27 free digital signage content feeds from The feeds are available to StrandVision Digital Signage subscribers for no additional charge.  The content is also offered for the first 30 days to customers with the free digital signage software that is being offered through the Summer of Digital Signage program.

The 27 legal content feeds include news on business, markets, real estate, sports, politics, regional, lifestyle, entertainment, automotive, science and technology.  They are updated every 30 minutes and provide a wealth of entertaining information that captures attention to the marketing messages on your signage. 

StrandVision has already upgraded its digital signage network of players to work with the new licensed content.  New and current subscribers can add the new licensed content to their signage with the add page wizard by signing in with their secure login information on the web portal.

To use the feeds, simply add a page type of "Licensed Content" and select the appropriate content you want to display. StrandVision Digital Signage ensures that your feed is licensed properly and takes care of paying for your usage at no additional charge to you.

We are searching for other affordable content providers to work with in a similar way. If you know of any, let us know at or email sales at

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