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StrandVision Adds Live Digital Signage Reporting

Automated electronic sign monitoring and reporting tools provide digital signage player status reports and alerts…

StrandVision has introduced a new digital signage account management, monitoring and reporting feature on its administrative console that provides a comprehensive real-time status overview of all of the StrandVision Digital Signage player networks at a glance. Inactivity, network or player problems are highlighted and instant emails or text messages are sent to designated technical administrators if the need arises.

Monitor And Report

It's easy to use, too. Just go where you normally go to administer your account settings. To see the status of your digital sigange player network, log into your account, click on the YOUR ACCOUNT tab, select YOUR COMPANY and then LOCATIONS.

At the bottom of the screen you will see a list of all of your locations with information about your digital signage network:

  • Last login by anyone to the account
  • Last time the Adobe flash player software communicated with the server. (This happens between every page that is shown. In night mode, it happens every 5 minutes.)
  • Last time a Program Refresh occurred. (When the digital signage monitoring program last communicated with the server. This happens every 15 minutes on Windows PC's and every minute on Linux PC's.)
  • Playback time for last week
  • Playback time for this week
  • Subscription Expiration Date
  • Reset the player password (disables all players using the previous password information including web and shared signage)

If any of these have a yellow exclamation mark next to them, it means that your attention is required to address a problem. Hover your mouse over the icon to see a description of the problem. The exclamation notice usually means that the system is not installed with the appropriate Windows user security rights. Contact StrandVision for assistance if you see a yellow exclamation mark.

If any of the lines have a pink background, it means that the player is not actively playing signage. If you have multiple accounts, it could mean that you installed the signage so that it is showing the wrong information. It also can mean that the Internet connection or the power to the PC is down.

Show Player Details

You can click SHOW DETAILS on the program refresh column to get detailed technical information about the computers that are properly installed. Typically, this is beneficial to the technical people of your organization. It shows processor details, IP addresses and dates and times for various processes that regularly occur. You can also use this area to set a user defined location name, stop and start the signage or reboot the computer during the next monitor program update. The user defined name appears on technical emails and is helpful if you have duplicate subscriptions running.

Emergency Email Notifications

The system checks your signage account for activity every minute. It will send an email every 24 hours (for up to 3 days) when the following occurs:

  • Signage Player has not communicated in the last 6 minutes.
  • Monitoring Program has not communicated in the last 30 minutes.

These emails will provide suggestions of things to check to get your signage going again. Call StrandVision with any questions or if you need assistance.

When communication with the server is restored, an email is sent notifying that the system is running properly again.

We have also added an Inactivity email to content and marketing people for accounts that have not been updated in the past two weeks.

Email Notice Configuration

You can configure the email distribution for administrative and technical notifications. Select MANAGE USERS in the left pane and then CONFIGURE EMAILS. Scroll down and then check the types of emails each administrator should receive. If you are authorized to do so, you can add users at the bottom of this screen in the ADD/ EDIT USER ACCOUNTS section. Remember to click Save when finished.

At least one administrator should be designated to receive TECHNICAL emails since the automated emails are configured to go to the technical contacts. Make sure that the URGENT message type is also checked. If there are none that are opted in to these emails, the system then tries the content contacts and finally the administrative contacts for your signage location. If none are found for the location, it then goes to the parent location to identify people to email.

If you receive these emails and no longer wish to, click on the unsubscribe link on the email - it removes you from all urgent messages.

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