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Quickly Demonstrate the Power of StrandVision Digital Signage

Page Sharing makes it easy to prepare and share demonstration pages that can be used by any of your customers or employees.

Page Sharing is a new way for you to share specific electronic signage content over multiple digital media players. You can create the digital signage content pages and mark them for sharing and then make them available to your prospects through StrandVision's Free Digital Signage Test Drive.

Here's How It Works

You can create any type of page on the StrandVision Content Management System (CMS) portal that automatically generates a unique URL that is placed in the "Share Page Link" field on the page creation form. It's quick and easy to create an entire StrandVision Digital Signage demo page set so they can see exactly how a mockup of their content will look.

You then simply copy the URL (or URLs) and send it to your prospect in an email, phone message, Tweet or through other social media. Once you've done the first demo set it's even easier to edit existing slides (with appropriate corporate logos, etc.) for use with other prospects.

The recipient simply clicks on the URL. That takes them to the StrandVision cloud server where they log into their account on the StrandVision CMS portal (you or they can easily create a free demo account) and the new page (or pages) is automatically copied to the local mix where it can be further edited or reordered, as desired.

Shared pages support dynamic visitor or employee communication information such as changing images and scrolling text, and can include RSS feeds, audio, video, animation, Web feeds, Quick Response (QR) codes and other dynamic information sources such as automatic birthday and anniversary people displays and live corporate database access.

The shared page also includes all other metadata, such as background media, scheduling (frequency, automatic removal date) and other administrative instructions.

The Share Pages feature is available immediately to all StrandVision Digital Signage resellers and subscribers, as well as StrandVision Free Digital Signage Test Drive participants. Learn more by reviewing the press release, checking out the introductory YouTube video at, calling 715-235-7446 or emailing sales at

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