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StrandVision Goes Virtual on Fridays

Offering improved customer service and employee productivity with Summer Hours

StrandVision has always been 100% electronic with 12 years of software and network infrastructure offering 100% up-time. This has been accomplished because of 24x7 maintenance of customer and cloud digital signage networks by StrandVision staff from anywhere there is a cell phone or internet connection. Technology advances have continued to make amazing strides over the years allowing connectivity from just about anywhere.

In an effort to reward StrandVision employees for years of unfailingly serving digital signage customers from in and out of the office, StrandVision will begin Summer Hours starting in May, 2015. StrandVision will effectively be closed on Fridays and weekends. Any customer can continue to be transferred to any employee's cell phone by pressing the 0 key when prompted to leave them a voice mail message. Although email responses might take longer than a minute, they will continue to be monitored and responded to several times per day.

"This employee benefit allows our employees to rejuvinate themselves enjoying the beautiful Wisconsin summers while continuing to offer the same amazing customer service that they always have," said StrandVision founder and CEO Mike Strand. "We are confident that this new motivational program will further enhance the amazing customer service that our staff has offererd since we began in 2003."


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