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StrandVision Social Media Integration

Feature enables administrators to add and automatically update social media information sources, such as Facebook and Twitter, to their digital media player network

In addition to tapping into mainstream social media links, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others, StrandVision Digital Signage also works with employee communications-specific sites like and These sites allow supervisors and even employees to post comments, recognize employee achievements and some even have points that can be redeemed for rewards. Other social media aggregator sites like Tagboard, Hootsuite or TweetDeck can be regularly gathered via the StrandVision web page capture feature. These postings are automatically gathered by StrandVision Digital Signage cloud servers or more frequently by linux digital medial players and displayed on the designated screens serving visitor or employee areas, such as break rooms, cafeterias, hallways and entrances.

Employee Communication – Another popular application takes advantage of the trend of organizations posting information to social media sites to keep the public up to date on breaking news. StrandVision customers are using the links to post up-to-the-minute public transit notices, such as delays and cancellations, local weather advisories and other developing local news of interest to their employees. These types of feeds were widely used by New York and New Jersey digital signage subscribers during and after Hurricane Sandy. The digital signage social media news gathering mechanism can also be used to automatically post local community news.

In order to connect to the social media feeds, administrators simply create a page and link it to the social media’s content stream’s RSS feed or capture the page directly as a scrolling photo. The web site link is copied and pasted into a digital signage template on the customer’s cloud-based administrator portal on StrandVision’s Content Management System (CMS). Once set up, the page is added to the digital signage content page rotation and StrandVision servers monitor the information source every 1 to 60 minutes and automatically update and display the information to the designated digital media players across the StrandVision Digital Signage network. The social media feature is another free digital signage capability that is available immediately to StrandVision electronic signage subscribers by logging in to their CMS portal at

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