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Creating a StrandVision Linux Archive

Restore a Linux Player image and initialize your StrandVision account

This document describes the steps that are involved to restore a CloneZilla image for the StrandVision R350 linux player.

Download and Prepare Software

  • Using a Windows, Mac or Linux pc, download CloneZilla Live. There are several options, but it is recommended to download the Debian stable release at
  • Create a bootable CD from the .iso image with your burning software. Optionally, create a bootable USB drive.
  • If a DVD or USB thumb drive is not included in your StrandVision R350 shipping box, you will need to download the CloneZilla image. Using a Windows, Mac or Linux pc, download svplayer_112_20130521.iso. Since it is over a gig in size, you may want to download it overnight since it will take some time to download.
  • Extract the zip file onto a 2GB or larger USB thumb or hard drive. It contains several subdirectories that will be created.

Boot Up CloneZilla

  • Use a USB Thumb Drive or locate an external USB CD / DVD drive and attach it to the StrandVision R350 Linux PC
  • Insert the CloneZilla bootable CD or Thumb Drive
  • Turn on the player
  • Press the delete key several times until it says "entering setup"
  • Select the "Boot" menu by pressing the right arrow twice
  • Select "USB Drives" with the down arrow and press enter
  • Find the USB DVD drive or USB thumb drive and position on it
  • If it is not the top item in the list, press the minus key on the keypad to move it to the top
  • Press escape to go back
  • Select "Boot Device Priority"
  • Find USB Flash or USB DVD and position on it
  • If it is not the top item in the list, press the minus key on the keypad to move it there
  • Press F10 to exit. Save the settings if it asks
  • The system will reboot using the flash drive or dvd drive that you selected

Restore the Image

  • A CloneZilla screen will appear. Press enter to continue.
  • Confirm that you want to overwrite your hard disk twice.
  • The image will be restored in about 10 minutes
  • When complete, remove the USB thumb drive or dvd and reboot the computer

Set Your Screen Size

  • Open terminal or press Ctrl-F1
  • type su
  • Log in as the root user with password "strandvision" (all lower case)
  • run sax2
  • configure the screen resolution as desired

Configure Your Network

  • Once the system comes up, you will see the desktop.
  • Click on the "Configure PC" link (this is actually a link to YAST)
  • Enter the root password "strandvision" (all lower case)
  • Select "Network Devices", "Network Settings"
  • Press Tab to highlight your active network card. Configure the network with Alt-I. In most cases, DHCP is appropriate.
  • Press Alt-G to select the general preferences tab. Press Alt-D and select "On Cable Connection" to activate the device. Press Alt-Z and set it to the external zone.
  • Quit out of yast and verify that you can browse to an outside web site now
  • To set a static ip address, follow these instructions.

Activate StrandVision

  • Open up FireFox and type "localhost" on the web url
  • You will see a place to enter your pc's part and serial number. Enter that in the format specified
  • Enter your username and password. If you have multiple screens on your account:
    • go to
    • log into your signage account
    • Click on Signage Pages / View Signage
    • Select the appropriate screen from the drop down list at the top of the screen
    • use the username and password that appears in the "Play your Signage on a TV Display" section
  • When the username and password has been verified by the StrandVision servers, it will show a status of the installation progress
  • Once the system is fully downloaded, the signage will appear in full screen mode
  • If you ever need to keep this from being full screen mode, click on the screen to give it focus, then press the "W" key (window)

Optionally Burn-In the PC

If you want to run the burn-in test on the pc

  • type "cd /home"
  • type "./"
  • type "top" to see a live processor status screen
  • Let it run for several hours
  • To stop the test (it iwll run endlessly on its own), press the power button momentarily to start powering off the pc.

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