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Quick Install Guide

Putting Together the StrandVision Digital Signage Equipment

Thanks so much for becoming a new StrandVision Digital Signage customer. You should already have an email with your login information that also has instructions on how to change the random password. The following are instructions for installing your new equipment and some tools to get your content created.

Mount Your Screens

The first step is to get the screens mounted.  This guide will give you way more info than you need.  The biggest thing is to be sure the the screens are attached to at least 2 studs.  You will also need power and a network cable to your server room.

Install Your Cabling

When you are using the devices, you will be creating a network that looks similar to the picture in this link:

The small boxes that show decoder or TVA on them are the receivers that connect to each tv.  There is mounting hardware included with these, but most customers grab some velcro and "stick" them to the back of the tv.  The cables are included in the devices for the audio and vga connectors of the screen.  All screens are different, but we have found that there is usually a 1/8" jack very near the 15 pin vga connector of the screen (and often have a silk-screened square around them to indicate that they work together).  Once you are done with the install, you will need to set the tv input source to the pc or computer (again, lots of descriptions for this - but you can try all of them until something comes up if you are unsure).  You will also need to connect the RJ45 (network jack) from the receiver to your building network jack - the network cable is not included, but most companies have lots of them laying around in the server room.  Obviously you will want all of this to look neat and tidy with as many wires and devices tucked behind the screen as you can. Plastic wire ties are your friends when it comes to making wires look neat and pretty.

Setup Your Server Room

In the server room (or wherever you put the pc and transmitter), find a solid place to set the pc, 8 port network switch and transmitter (box listed as encoder or PCA).  Connect the transmitter to the pc using the included VGA cable and audio cable.  If you have the R370 linux pc that has an hdmi video output, there should be an HDMI to VGA adapter included.  Connect the video to the VGA portion of that converter and connect the audio to the green 1/8" audio jack on the pc Once you are all done, if audio does not come through, then connnect it to the audio jack on the HDMI to VGA adapter.  Connect either one of the pc's RJ45 network connectors to your guest or corporate network.  The pc defaults to using DHCP to get all of your network information.  If you need to change it, you can follow the directions here or give us a call.  Remember that your IT people will need to bypass any web browser validation using the mac address of the pc if your network firewall has that requirement.

Connect the transmitter to the 8 port network switch with a network patch cable (not included) and connect each of the receivers from the building's network patch panel to the network switch.  Be sure that this network switch does not connect to your normal network in any way.  The number of cables in this switch should be 1 plus the number of screens you are driving.  This "video network" has 20MBytes of constant broadcast traffic that will crush even the most robust corporate network gear (even fiber) with lots of collisions, so be sure it is not connected to your normal network.

Power Everything Up

Once all of this is done, plug in all the devices, turn the pc on and your signage should start playing.


There are lots of training videos at  The first one is an old recording of one of our free training webinars (signup is at  As you navigate around the site, you will often see little video projectors (they are often in the title bar, but sometimes in other places).  If you click on the projector, you will get a couple minute video that is specific to that part of the site.

As you go through this, feel free to give is a call or email.  Some things that are worth looking at are automatic birthdays and anniversaries (click the link to add them in).  We also have a lot of communication libraries that automatically add diversity to your signage with no work on your part.  You can see samples (and add them to your signage) at


If you run into any issues or questions with this document, please send us an email at strandadmin at Thanks again for becoming a StrandVision Digital Signage customer and we look forward to working with you.

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