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StrandVision On-Line Digital Signage Training

YouTube Video Channel offers Overview of Electronic Signage

To sign up for a free digital signage webinar, visit

Here’s the press release announcing the YouTube Channel:

To date, we’ve put up about two dozen short, 2-3 minute videos. Here’s a list of what you can find at:

StrandVision training videos on YouTube:

  • Welcome to the video channel
  • Get 30 days free with the test drive
  • Upcoming webinars
  • Ways to contact StrandVision - we improve by hearing from you
  • Pricing options, getting a proposal and how to purchase
  • Overview of the web site operation
  • Key areas to review on the public web site
  • The Hyatt portal
  • Benefits of becoming a reseller or affiliate
  • Logging in to your account and the summary status screen
  • The "Your Company" menu (location, business hours / time zone)
  • An overview of StrandVision locations / display groups
  • How to manage your people / employees
  • Managing users of StrandVision (change your info, add others, specific display group access)
  • Configuring your company's preference settings (user mode, all settings, background music)
  • Ways to view your signage (including sharing via email)
  • Installing signage on a Windows PC
  • Spanish and French weather
  • Morale / motivational digital signage content
  • Setting up a news crawl
  • Adding pages with the wizard (add weather, date and time, currency rates)
  • How to operate the modify signage area (user level, display group, buttons, reordering, last update)
  • How schedules and start/stop times can improve viewership

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