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Marketing Opportunities for StrandVision Digital Signage

Some digital signage business marketing opportunities include:

  • Small to mid-sized companies (more than 40 employees) to communicate with their employees information such as sales, units sold, progress on goals, stellar employees, new customers, new products
  • Banks and financial institutions to communicate information such as interest rates, new products and other benefits to their customers as they wait in the teller line
  • Restaurants to publish their daily specials, new items, stellar employees, winners of business card drawings, upcoming specials
  • Grocery and Convenience stores to publish new items, specials, combined purchase savings, total member savings for the day, week or month
  • Auto Dealers for waiting customers promoting car buying opportunities, exclusive services your dealership offers, special financing, salesperson of the month, customer testimonials regarding excellent service
  • Service Centers for promoting additional services that your company offers, average wait times, number of cars serviced, technician of the month
  • Trade Shows to communicate product features, benefits, specials, meetings, etc.
  • Emergency room, hospital, doctor, dental, chiropractic and other health care facility waiting rooms to provide patient education, discuss health tips, vitamin supplements, insurance coverage, standard procedures that are common for most visits, display community events, and direct patients to other areas of the medical facility.
  • Hotels in guest rooms and lobbies for advertising additional services, review meeting room schedules, welcome new guests.
  • Company lobby area to welcome companies from scheduled meetings, show locations of public restrooms, phones, vending area.
  • Health clubs for promoting upcoming events, recent member level advancements and awards, policy changes, upcoming service changes.
  • The zoo, museum, aquarium, theme park, nature center and other entertainment park related industries to inform and guide customers into buying more by entertaining them.
  • K-12 Elementary and High Schools and Colleges and Universities to improve communication with students and staff, display school announcements, sporting events, club meetings, student recognition, facility recognition
  • Industrial Electric and Plumbing Distributors can increase sales, display new products or services, improve point of purchase merchandise materials, build relationships with vendors, and create customer awareness

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