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December, 2006 - Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce and DataCall announcements, year end selling tips, refresh your marketing tips, pricing configurator, and local audio announcement.

November, 2006 - 2006 and digital signage market review, animated weather and quickstart guide announcement, overview of custom background, a couple more reviews and firewalls configuration options.

October, 2006 - announcement of new banking customers, discussion of budgets and customer generations, a couple reviews, how to keep your content fresh and review of our Digital Signage Forum and frequently asked questions area.

September, 2006 - debuts a new feature / product packages, marketing documents for house of worship / industrial distributors, invitation to banking webinar, and a detailed installation document.

August, 2006 - debuts a new feature and hire, invitation to past 6 months webinar, digital signage and employee communications, highlight two stories, how to design content and introducing the counter.

July, 2006 - debuts 2 new features, invitation to webinars, how Chiropractors use the signage, opportunities to sell advertising on your signage, discussion of lcd versus plasma screens.

June, 2006 - debuts split screen capability, university webinars, marketing information available, Nortrax cover story, Infocomm, rich content tip.

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