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December, 2009 - discount program for education/non-profit; Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and New Years images; PowerPoint Conversions and Multiple Graphics Options, Selling Digital Signage to Hospitality Customers, King Drug conveys message

November, 2009 - Free digital signage giveaway, StrandVision Q&A Forum, 9 business marketing tips towards successful sales, Bank of Ann Arbor features Sonic Lunch Music Series

October, 2009 - Free signage ending soon, fall and Halloween free templates, changing menus for ease of use, Social Networking's role in marketing, WSRB gains attention

September, 2009 - Free digital signage software giveaway, Long-Term Living article, 6 tips for choosing a leasing company, introduction to StrandVision timely templates, Nortrax promotes service/specials

August, 2009 - free pc giveaway, forum enhancements, web redesign helps reseller referrals, Luther Midelfort honors nurses

July, 2009 - StrandVision has a new web site, test drive helps customers and build leads, luther midelfort honors nurses.

June, 2009 - Estimator Page featured, Training / Refresher Video, How Vars Can Profit from Hosted Digital Signage, RCU Promotes Community Services

May, 2009 - WestHealth Announcement, Several New Enhancements announced, How Resellers can Profit from VoIP, Alcoa uses StrandVision for Employee Communications

April, 2009 - Emergency Communications announcement, Setting Emergency Schedules, StrandVision's Office Expansion highlighted, Rodeway Inn Serves Cruise Customers

March, 2009 - Sound & Video run Portage Library, Eliminiating Audio Echo, Mike Discusses Customer Satisfaction, Westhealth Presents their Corporate Values

February, 2009 - 2009 Review and Outlook, Page Backgrounds and customization options, entering new markets, Roche announces employee events

January, 2009 - School Planning and Management Talks Signage, StrandVision moving offices, Add Cable or Satellite Programming to your Signage, Unconventional Business Model, NJCU Promotes Green Initiatives

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